Why xeriscape? The primary reason is simple. To save water. The idea behind xeriscaping is to create a beautiful landscape while conserving water resources to the greatest extent possible.


Xeriscaping acknowledges the limitations and the possibilities inherent in your unique property and location. Xeriscape can support wildlife, maintain healthy soil and reduce runoff of harmful chemicals into water ways.


Carefully chosen plants will attract honeybees, birds, and butterflies.


Climate threats feel abstract or distant but it’s here and worse than you think. Less snow fall, higher summer temperatures, more wildfires, drought conditions. Municipals are offering xeriscape rebates to convert your lawn and same water. Please take advantage and help save our precious water.


Save money on your water bill

The “new normal” for Colorado is approximately 26% to 30% less water is going into landscaping using more color, perennials, ornamental grasses, hardscape (rock and stone) and water features. Associated Landscaping Contractors of Colorado.


Save time for the things you enjoy

Mowing the lawn every week, hoping the lawnmower will start this year, fertilizing, aerating, weed control, trimming the edges to get that perfect look, etc. Mowing the lawn takes time and it’s no fun when it’s 100 degrees outside. And if you hired the lawn to be mowed, it’s expensive.


It’s ``beautiful”

When was the last time you called your lawn “beautiful’? Well, maybe some lawns are very beautiful but it’s often that green area that needs watering, mowing, sprinkler maintenance and blowout every year. Xeriscape can also be beautiful. Your property can be colorful, water saving and almost maintenance free. You will look at your property with lawn and xeriscape and say, “They’re both beautiful.”


Reduce your carbon footprint

As it relates to watering your yard, every drop of water sprayed on a lawn is recovered water, processed in the Water Department, filtered, treated, and returned to spray on a lawn again. That water treatment process uses a lot of energy, electricity, and water. For those on a well, there are an estimated 8,500 households extracting water from the aquafers. How long can that last?

Budget Xeriscaping Packag

(1,000 square feet), approximately 40 x 25 feet Price Range: $6,000 to $10,000

Standard Xeriscaping Package

(1,500 square feet), approximately 60 x 25 feet Price: $15,000 (apply for Municipal Rebate)

Custom Xeriscaping Package

(3,000 square feet or larger), approximately 55 x 55 feet Price: to be quoted

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